SUNDAY 27 april. Orrisson – Roncevalles – Bizcareta.

26 km, total 36 km. Quite hilly.
frukost orrissonBreakfast was served 7:30. What I thought was a bowl of muesli where coffee cups so large that you could take a foot bath in them. We fetched our sandwiches as we had ordered the night before, filled our water bottles and took off by 8:10.
It was a beautiful morning.                                        virgin Maria on the top
It was a fairly difficult hike with a climb about 1100 meters up over the top of the Pyrenees. The bulk of the road was paved and of a good standard. We took a break every hour, drank some water and ate some of our sandwiches. We took a bit longer pause at the statue of the Virgin Mary. It was a fantastic walk with tremendous views. When we approached the top it blew very strongly. The road is marked with yellow arrows and red / white markings. Mette asked if I wanted to try to walk with sticks, I walked a few hundred meters with her equipment but it did not fit my way to go. Maybe I should try to get some information on Nordic walking later on. A few kilometers after the statue, we went along with a barbwire fence, it was the border to Spain. Only when a plate showing Navarre, we knew we were in Spain. Mette said she is not religious in the ordinary sense, but that she believes in reincarnation. A few months ago, she was introduced to her guardian angel in a dream and when she asked for his name, she was told that he was called Sigurd. Now she saw it as a positive sign that she had crossed the Pyrenees with Sigurd.
We arrived at about 14:00 to Roncevalles. Mette decided to stay there, she was tired, but I had several kilometers left in my legs so I continued to Biscarreta through beautiful trails. I passed a couple of simple old stone bridges. The last few kilometers were difficult path with loose stones. In Biscarette I found a room for € 25 on "La Nueva Posada." The dinner cost 12 €. The dinner consisted of soup with some meat I could not recognise and a peach for dessert. I joined two sisters from Jena in Germany, Ulrika and Ursula, for dinner. They were retired and had started studying Spanish last fall. They managed very well with Spanish. I realized I had too many T-shirts with me, and "forgot" three plus my pajamas in Biscarette. It eased a bit in the backpack.

Next day I reached Cizur Menor >>>