SUNDAY 4 maY. Villafranca Montes de Oca – Atapuerca – Burgos.

39,5 km, total 288 km. Very hilly terrain.
heavy steep
I put on my trousers to protect my calves to the sun.
Started the hike to the Villa-free at 7:45. I planned to spend the night there. It was a fairly difficult hike in a very hilly terrain. Shortly before Villa-free, I came in contact with a man from Canada, Stephen Knowles. He said that last year he walked from Le Puy in France to Pamplona.
This year he went from Pamplona. The first week with his wife. They had also visited Barcelona he told me.
Stephen was a very experienced hiker and helped me to adjust my backpack. We both had planned to stay in Villa free, but there were no hostels here. We ate lunch at the Villa-free and asked if someone knew where we could find a shelter or lodging. You may take the bus to Burgos we were told, but we were on the hike, so we continued on foot.
It was about 10 km to Burgos and the lodging where found on the other side of the town. I found an ATM and took out some cash.                                     
In Burgos we called the hostel and asked if they had two beds. We were told that they did not. We found a cheap hotel instead and ordered a room. This cost € 20 per person. Then we went down to a restaurant, Milan, in the city and had a wonderful dinner.

Next day we ended up in Hornillos del camino >>>