FrIDAY 2 maj. Navarette – Santo Domingo de la Calzada – Grañón.

43,5 km, total 220 km. Hilly terrain.
I had to quickly pack up my bed in the morning to make room for a breakfast table. I started the walk from Navarette around 7:30.
After about 5km, I met a woman from England. We made company to Nájera. She wanted to stay there. On the way we passed a lady from New York, who drew a suitcase on wheels. She told me that this was the only way she could walk with luggage. I asked if I could take a picture of her. "Yes, but send honorary to my manager in New York" she replied. The lady from England stayed in Nájera.
I continued. It was my intention to go to Santo Domingo de la Calzada. There would be several large hostels. The distance would be about 35 km.                                   
Pretty soon I walked with a man, Andrew, from New Zealand. He had agreed with a friend that he could borrow an apartment in Santo Domingo.
santa domingo

There was a great celebration in Santo Domingo de la Calzada due May 1st and therefore all shelters where full. The next hostel was 6.5 km further on, in Granön, so I had to continue.
When I came out of the city, I had a sore right knee. Luckily, I had a pair of knee pads with me. I put my knee pads on both knees and it helped the pain.
In Granön all hostels and shelters where also occupied. Now I was wondering if I could continue for another 4 km to the next village with hostels. Then came a lady and said "I know a place where there is never full". She showed me a small door in the back of the church in the village. "Go the top of the stairs, where there are people who can help you" she said. And, indeed, reside on the third floor were a couple people from church who gave me a spot.

It looked like this>>>