FrIDAY 2 maj. Navarette – Santo Domingo de la Calzada – Grañón.

43,5 km, total 220 km. Hilly terrain.
sleeping in the church
There was a dining room, a small modern kitchen, showers and toilets. Pilgrims where everywhere on rubber mattresses. When I asked if they had room for me, I was told "Yes, it is clear that we will arrange a place. You have three options, the tower over us in the choir at church or here in the dining room. The tower is pretty cramped, the canteenl of the church is a bit cold here in the dining room and you have to wait until after dinner when we remove the tables". I choosed the canteen and got a foam mattress to put on the floor when the tables were gone.                                       dinner in the church
Now the church invited us to dinner. They accounted for all the food and we all helped with cooking, serving and dishes. It was a wonderful dinner with all the red wine you could drink. The dinner was also a social success.
santa domingo

After we had moved the tables I got a very nice sleep.

The next day I reached Villafranca>>>