MONDAY 5 maY. Burgos – Rabé de las Calzadas – Hornillos del Camino.

20 km, total 308 km. Easy walking.
morning in Burgos
Steve and I started with a good breakfast on Milan(the restaurant in the Hotel). Then we started today's hike, it was fairly easy terrain. We passed Villabilla, Tardajos and Rabe de las Calzada. Now it was about 8 km to Hornillos del Camino.                                        Hornillos del camino
Pretty soon I was walking with another Andrew. This one from New Zealand. This Andrew told me that a friend offered him an apartment in Santo Domingo.
The hostel in Hornillos was full so we had to sleep on a mattress in an empty office at the municipal building.
Just before us a large party of South Koreans had arrived. This was a private school from South Korea who traveled with their students. They had filled up the shelter. It was the owner of the restaurant "Manulo" who was the manager of the municipal shelter. We ate our dinner at "Manulo" though we had to wait for a second session.
Steve and I decided to start early next morning so we could stay ahead of South Koreans to the next place for sleeping.

The next place for shelter where placed in Itero de la Vega >>>