Sunday 18 may. Sarria – Portomarin – Hospital de la Cruz.

33 km, total 699 km. Quite hilly.
marked stones on the church
I took the opportunity to recharge my mobile while I ate lunch. The church in Porto Marin is a bit special. It was moved up from the valley to its present location when they built the power plant with a hydroelectric dam. Before movement the church was dismantled, all the blocks got marked with numbers in order to place them right at the next assembly. Unfortunately they used a marking that was impossible to remove so the labels are still visible. After Porto Marin was a tough hill several kilometers long. I passed Gonza where Lennart and I spent the night in September 2007. In Castro, Mayor, I stopped for a cup of coffee and a "Tarta de Compostela".
3 men and a donkey
I passed three men with a donkey carrying their luggage. They also had a scythe with which to prepare the "fuel" for donkey.
hostel in spain
I am now at the inn in the Hospital de la Cruz. Have not seen anything to Steve since La Portela. The hostel of Hospital de la Cruz was modern and clean. Here I where having dinner with two German women, plus a Dutchman. The restaurant where we ate, was near the hostel

I continued on Monday against Melide >>>