Tuesday 20 may. Melide – Arzua – Sta. Irene.

29 km, total 756 km. Hilly.
orange juice
Started with breakfast at the bar opposite the hostel. Stopped in Azua for an orange juice. Had lunch in Salceda.
When I came to the hostel in St. Irene it was full. But there was a new hostel a bit later. I arrived to the second shelter in St.. Irene approximately 15:00. After my daily washing, I went back about 1.5 km. I had seen a bar here and examined whether there was an opportunity to get a dinner. Here I had a beer in the company of two American couple. They left the bar to continue on el camino. I drank my beer and bought an ice cream. Just as I left the bar I met "la hospilatera" for my hostel, she had responsibility for the Inn, in a car and asked if I wanted a ride back. I said yes and soon I where sitting in front of the hostel on a bench having ice cream in my hand. After about 10 minutes came the two American pairs I had drunk a beer with. They looked very surprised. They had left me at the bar with a beer for one quarter ago and now I was sitting on this bench with an ice cream 1.5 km further on the road. I went back to the bar to have dinner with one Marinus Jansen and his daughter from Denmark. Marinus is a former mink farmer, and these two I had met on several occasions over the last two days.

There where now time for the 2 last stages and I arrived in Monte do Gozo the next day >>>