TUEsday 29 april. Cizur Menor – Puente la Reina – Lorca.

32 km, total 104,5. Over ”Alto de Perdon”, 734 m.

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There was no breakfast on the shelter so I took a Coca Cola and dry bread. In Guenduláin was a café open. There I ordered a large "cafe con leche" with a slice of cake and orange juice with ice. I became a new person. I saw the Sierra del perdon, a mountain range far away, that I would be passing. After Zariquiegui began a climb to Alto de perdon, 734 meters. Out with the whole top of the Sierra del perdon there where wind turbines.
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After Cirauqui I passed an old Roman bridge. It was a part of the old Roman road. In Puente la Reina, who is a very beautiful city, I took my lunch. The city's name, Puente la Reina, means Queen's Bridge. The name comes from a very beautiful stone bridge which was built so the pilgrim could pass over the Rio Arga. In Puente la Reina, I bought an extra memory card to my camera.
I reached Lorca and found a shelter with some free lodgings >>>