wednesday 30 april. Lorca – Estella – Los Arcos.

32 km, total 135,5 km. Hilly terrain.
small creek in the spanish landscape
I warmed my coffee in the micro oven and ate a piece of cake for breakfast. It was hardly the best breakfast, but it had to go. Then I left the hostel and started walking. On the road, I stopped at a bar, ordered a coffee and a Con leche boccadillo. I ate half the bocadillo and the rest I took with me as food for the journey. BOCADILLO is a Spanish kind of sandwich, or stuffed baguette. Do often contain some kind of sauce, chorizo and tomatoes or peppers. This one contained some tomatoes and ham. Baguettes are 12-20 inches long so you'll get a decent snack.                                      Bodegas Irache
I then went to Estella Irache. The "Bodegas Irache" is a "Fuente del Vino", a source of free-flowing red wine. You can drink all you want, but it is not allowed to bring wine with you from there. But I still managed to get two deciliter with me in my water bottle to enjoy for my lunch. When I came to Villamayor I had a break to eat my half boccadillo and drink my wine.
Los Arcos
I came to Los Arcos at 15:00 pm. Found a hostel called "Casa de Austria" and got a bed. I was a bit sore in my calves. In this hostel they spoke German and English, but no Spanish. Typically for this hostel were all steps of different heights. It was pretty tough with a heavy backpack to go up and down these stairs. Pretty soon I got a system with laundry and shower. When I came to a shelter or hostel I took a shower immediately, changed into clean underwear, t-shirt and socks. Then I washed what I had used and hung it to dry. That who was not dry I hung on the outside of the backpack and got it dry while walking. This worked well during the whole trek. I went out on the town, found a pharmacy and asked if there was anything against sore muscles. I got an ointment that I could lubricate my muscles three times per day in two or three days.

In a bakery, I asked if they would open early the next morning and that I had to buy a sandwich to use on my walk. Well, she opened at 7:30 so it was no problem. I found a restaurant and ate a tortilla. On the way back to the hostel I met a German couple who did not manage to get a bed. Now it was almost dark and they still searched.

Next day I succeded in reaching Navarette >>>