MONDAY 28 april. Bizcareta – Pamplona – Cizur Menor

36,5 km, total 72,5 km. Easy trip.
I got a sandwich with cheese and left Bizcareta by 8:00. My plan was to stop for lunch in Larasoaña, but I missed the place and continued to Agorreta. I ate my sandwich and drank water to the front of the church in the city.                                   
romersk stenbro
Passing an old stonebridge passing Rio Arga to Zabaldica.

I continued to Pamplona. The instructions for "el Camino" was pretty weak at the suburbs of Pamplona. I missed the yellow arrow to the Old Town. It was not just me who had problems finding the way, a Spaniard in front of me did not see any arrows. People on the street knew nothing about this trip. I got in contact with a young man who showed me the way to the tourist office. I got a street map of "El Camino" selected. Despite everything, I went a bit wrong.

The shelter where found 4 kilometers southwest from the town. This was a very simple shelter.

When I had installed myself, I talked with the other pilgrims. A German lady suggested that we would go and have dinner together. At the table, we were two Germans, one French, one Italian, one Portuguese and me. It was a very nice dinner with three courses and lots of red wine . We paid € 10 each.

Next day it was time visiting Lorca>>>