wednesday 21 may. Sta. Irene – Monte do Gozo.

19 km, total 775 km. Easy walking.
alice, en australienska med danskt namn
At 8:00 I left the inn. I had plenty of time when my goal for the day was only 15 km away. Namely Monte Gozo. My plan was to go to Monte Gozo, stay there and continue the last 4.5 kilometers Thursday morning. But first I searched for a bar to have breakfast. On the way, I met Alice, a lady from Copenhagen. She had not had breakfast, so we went into a bar together. The name Alice, she had got because her parents admired Alice Babs, who was very popular in Denmark at the time. I told her how I had been named Sigurd. On the way to church for baptism my mother forgot the name she had given to me and when she saw a man she knew, who was called Sigurd, she took that name instead. My mother told me this when she was 80 years old.
heavy rain
While we sat in the bar it started to rain quite heavily. We stayed an extra hour until the worst of the rain passed. We were nevertheless obliged to take the rain jacket and rain cover for your backpack before we went. At San Antón, we passed a small stream and in the middle of the creek was a woman on her knees and washed the clothes. I came to think of Hans Christian Andersen and the laundress in Odense Å, I asked if I could take a photo of her, but it seemed like she was not so interested so I had to keep a beautiful picture in my head. We passed Lavacolla, the airport in Santiago, and arrived at the Monte do Gozo>>>.