wednesday 21 may. Sta. Irene – Monte do Gozo.

19 km, total 775 km. Easy walking.
a very large hostel for 700 guests
Monte do Gozo, was right next to the airport and was the largest shelter I've seen. Here was room for more than 700 pilgrims. We got a room with 6 other pilgrims. El hospitalero (manager) recommended a restaurant that he felt was better than that on the shelter. I was wondering if he got honorar from the restaurant? Alice and I went to see if this was a place to eat dinner. The recommended restaurant was a nice place and we took a cup of coffee. Back at the hostel we met Marinus and his daughter, we agreed to have dinner together at the same restaurant by 18:00. Alice wanted to search for Hugo, a Mexican that she had gone along with earlier and take him with us. We met a few Swedes. I asked if they knew a Britt Tipsis. They told us that they were going to meet her in Santiago. I asked them to send compliments from me. When we where ready to go for dinner Alice was tired and wanted to sleep. So Marinus, his daughter and I went for dinner. The next day it was time to get our diploma in Santiago de Compostela>>>
kraftigt regn