THursdaY 1 maj. Los Arcos – Logroño – Navarette.

41 km, total 176,5. Hilly terrain.
Byn Viana

1 kilometer before Navarette I passed an old hospital for pilgrims.                                  
el cantaro
When I arrived to the municipal hostel in Navarette this was completely full. I found a private lodging instead, "El Cantaro", who also thought it was full but they offered me to sleep in the kitchen on a guest bed. I accepted and put up a bed in the kitchen. Including breakfast I just had to pay 12 €.
I sat and talked with the owner of the bar, that belonged to the hostel. He poured red wine into a glass and when I wanted to pay, he said that the house commanded. I asked if he knew a good restaurant where I could get a dinner. He recommended "Bar Obrador" and he was right, they served a very good "tortilla con Jamón".
When I later sat on a balcony and enjoyed the sun, I saw a lady who was talking in mobile phone. I knew she had problems. Suddenly she gives me the phone and asked me for help with translation. She tried to book a room at a hotel later on but did not understand the lady at the other end of the line. So I helped her. Her name was Margaret Jensen. I asked if she was Danish. She said her country was Australia and that she was married to a Dane.
I received a text message from Britt Tipsis, which I talked about on the first page. Her company would be in Santiago on 14 May and travel back home May 26. I also got Britt's mobile number, but I was not able sending text messages to her.
I planned to be in Santiago on 23 or May 24 so maybe we could have a cup of coffee together.
Next day I arrived at Grañon>>>