THursdaY 1 maj. Los Arcos – Logroño – Navarette.

41 km, total 176,5. Hilly terrain.
I took breakfast in the hostel and left this 7:30. The bakery lady prepared a sandwich with cheese. When she was doing this, she asked how old I was. "I'm 72 I replied". "I hope I'm in the same good condition when I'm 72 as you are. "Would you pray for me, the lady from Los Arcos, when you come to Santiago de Compostela?" She asked. I promised the lady to pray for her as thanks for service.
Village of Viana
I stopped in Viana at 11:30 to have a lunch. I ate lunch in the company of a Spaniard from San Sebastián. We left the café together, but he went much slower than me, so I was soon alone again. On the way, I went a few miles in the company of a man from Belgium. He had started his journey in Belgium on 13 February. He estimated that he had walked more than 2000 km.                                    Rioja
Just before Logroño I passed the border of La Rioja. One of the more famous wine districts in Spain.
On the way down towards Logroño was an old lady, Felis, who sold drink and juice. I took the opportunity to drink a glass of juice.
kraftverksdamm It is a very high standard of "el camino" in Rioja. I came to Logroño and crossed the Rio Ebro through the famous "Puente de Piedra", the Stone Bridge. Later on, after Logroño, there was an area for leisure and play.
I went through the damming of a power plant. With the pond on the left side and recreation area below the dam on the right side. We are now reaching Navarette>>>