a short story about me who is walking El Camino


I, Sigurd Larsen, born in Denmark in the middle of the Sjalland 1935th My dream as a boy, were to become commercial pilot. Unfortunately, I had a defect in the right ear, which, according to the doctor, caused me to forget all about the flight. And, I forgot. We moved to Sweden in 1960 because it was recession in Denmark by that time. We beat us down in what today is Ale Municipality. I now live in Alvangen about 30 km north of Gothenburg. 1971 Gothenburg city celebrated its 350 year anniversary and then had a big air show at Save airport. Flight clubs where looking for new students and offered sample lessons for 50 kr. I thought that once in my life, I try to fly so I bought a sample lesson. After that I was stuck. I still had a defect in my right ear. Defect meant that I was not an approved medical certificate to fly. So I had to try to make it. In 1972 I managed to get an operation which was approved by the ear. Got a problem, however afterwards. The result of the operation was a facial paralysis, according to the doctor, would last for about 6 months. The doctor wanted my sick leave for 6 months but it did not me. I searched for another job that would work with a facial paralysis and a job at Götaverken. The planned six months turned into 31 years, from 1972 to 2003, the last 11 years as a consultant. Most of the time I worked for Götaverken Energy AB, which later became the Kvaerner Energy AB. This meant that mounting job leader and project manager in Europe, South Africa, North America and South America. We built large paper mill boilers and waste incinerators. This also included an assignment in Galicia. I got my pilot's license in 1973 and flew a lot of service.