wednesday 14 may. Rabanal del Camino – Molinaseca – Ponferrada.

33 km, total 570,5 km. Pretty tough trecking.
Refugio Gaucelmo offered a breakfast. Steve then went first and I about 20 minutes later.                                        
I did catch up with Steve at Foncebadón. He stayed here and I continued.
It was a pretty tough hike up to the highest point, 1460 m, on el camino. On the way down the mountain I stopped in El Acebos for coffee and a Fanta. In Molinaseca I ate lunch and when I was finished with this came Steve. Steve had still problems with his feets and planned to stay in Molinaseca. I continued to Ponferrada. I found the hostel and checked in. In Ponferrada I went around to find a restaurant. Finally I found "the Ra Tavern" where I got a good dinner. Here was served "Gallego Caldas" and "the Chuletas cerdo" and, as usual, so much red wine you could drink. When I came back to the hostel I found Steve again, he had been struggeling on the 8 km from Ponferrada to Molinaseca despite problems with his feets.

We continued together next day and arrived in Trabadello >>>