Friday 23 May. The trip home

Copenhagen - Gothenburg
Everything was completely deserted in Copenhagen. I went down to the station trying to find a train for Gothenburg. There was no train to Gothenburg but one against Malmo. I took a train to Malmo. In Malmo I found a table showing that the first train to Gothenburg went by 06:08, about five hours from now. Had then find a way to spend the five hours on Malmoe train station. I found a small hotdog cuart in the square and took a hot dog. I also found a 'Metro' which I read. Soon I came in contact with a pair of night walkers. They had seen my backpack and wanted to talk hiking. When I came back to the station I met a man who wanted to tell his whole life story. He had been in prison and saw walking as his rehabilitation. While he where talking the sun came up and it was soon time to board the train. But I had to get a ticket. None of the ticket machines on the station where working and the ticket office opened first by 9:00. I wanted a ticket before stepping on the train otherwise I had to pay a fine. I talked to the train hostess before I boarded the train. She promised that I could buy a ticket at the normal price of her.

I arrived in Gothenburg a few hours later and took a bus to Alvangen. I was now at home. I was back in the world that I left for almost four weeks ago. Found that my weight had decreased by 5 kg. This meant that the load on my legs was now equal to carrying a backpack of 3 kg. If you compare with the weight I had before the walking and a backpack that weighed 8 kg.

So what is my impression of this hike?

    • I've had a taste for long distance hiking. I have revised my equipment list and prepared my backpack for new hikes.
    • I met so many friendly and interesting people from around the world, I still have contact with some of them via email.
    • I admire the pilgrims who, despite problems with blisters on their feets, sore knees and aching muscles, completed the walk.