saturday 17 may. Viduedo – Samos – Sarria.

28 km, total 666 km. Easy walk.
cold morning
I overslept, I slept until 7:30. I dressed quickly to get a breakfast at the bar before I went. But the bar was locked so there was no morning coffee. I had to go from Viduedo to Tricastela, 6.4 km, before I got a coffee. It took one hour and fifteen minutes to walk this route. It was a rainy and cold walk. After Tricastela came a pilgrim on a small folding bicycle. It looked pretty strange, a pilgrim with a large raincoat on a mini bike.
In Ayan, I took my usual tortilla for lunch.
I arrived around 15:30 to Sarria. All the way it was heavy rain pouring down. My plan was actually to go to the Delo Barba but the weather was not that good. Which meant that I stayed in Sarria. Here, I looked up the local inn. This hostel was clean and modern. Here was a nice roof terrace with great views across Sarria. From 18:00 they where serving dinner at the inn for 9 €. I tried to call Britt, who I wrote about in one of the first pages, but could not. I phoned Lennart at home and asked if he could find her mobile number by Eniro on the internet. But even this failed.

I continued my walk to Hospital-de-La-Cruz on Sunday the 18:th of May >>>