Thursday 15 may. Ponferrada – Villafranca – Trabadelo

35 km, total 605,5 km. Easy walking.
torsdag 15 maj
I started from Ponferrada 7:00. I went almost 8 km before I found a bar that was open. Here I got coffee and toast. On the way I walked a few kilometers with a German named Gotfrid.                                        
Villa Franca
It was still bad weather. Torrential rain. I planned to eat lunch in Villafranca. Villafranca is a beautiful city with castle and ruins from the Templar time. Found here a restaurant called "Plaza Major" or main square as you say in English. While I had lunch the rain increased so I did not hurry, I simply took the time to enjoy my lunch. The rain did not end, however, so I had to wear my rain jacket and continued.
Gradually the rain stopped and the sun showed itself. I had now reached the inn in Trabadelo. A new and modern accommodation. To my surprise, there was a "Billed Bladet", a Danish weekly magazine, from 29 April in the kitchen at the inn. I had to wait until 19:30 before it was possible to have a dinner in the restaurant that was across the road to the inn.

Friday the 16:th of May I continued and got a bed in Viduedo >>>