this is how the equipment looked like

Describing my gear. What I put in the backpack and what I carried on my body.
equipment for the walk
Explanation of packing my gear in the backpack.
I use a backpack Haglöf brand, model, Matrix 60, containing 60 liters. I've got nine THING bags in different colors for the organization. Each bag is marked with the key plate containing text in bold. First aid bag and sponge bag do not need a key sign. The backpack is divided into:

  1. A small pocket on top for things easily accessible.
  2. A large compartment in the middle
  3. A large pocket at the bottom with zipper.

At the top, I have first aid bag. Fortunately, I have not had use for this. It is certainly possible to reduce the weight of this to maybe 250 g. There is also the bag of "Other things " with all the little things you want easily accessible. I have used a red bag, the same color as first aid, so I know they are in the top pocket. I bought a pair of pants for rain with zipper on both sides so they are easy to take on when you are wearing shoes. Equipment to rain I store on top of the middle pocket. I discovered it was missing a pair of sandals to use after the walk. The sandals I have now weighs 570 grams but I'm sure I can find some weighing just 300g. I had laundry detergent consisting of powder in small letters but it was not good enough. It took time to dissolve the powder. Therefore I now use liquid detergent in a plastic bottle of the same brand. I use safety pins rather than going for clothespins. They take up less space and are safer if you use the backpack to dry clothes. Fleece jacket is ideal as an intermediate layer between the T-shirts and wind jackets. Bath slippers are necessary. It is not healthy to walk with bare feet in the shower and on the floors. Bath slippers I have weighs 320 grams but I'm looking for slippers with the weight about 200 g. The weight of sponge bag can perhaps be reduced a bit but it's a matter of comfort. Underwear made of synthetic materials so that they dry very quickly. The socks "Seger Sence Trekkin" I have very good experience of. I wondered, at first, getting a pair of trousers with detachable legs. Do, however, now think that a pair of lightweight trousers, plus easier shorts is a better solution. Flight bag do I need to check in my backpack during transport to the starting location. I will unfortunately have to carry this with me until I fly back home. My old sleeping bag weighed 1500 grams, my new 790 g. For water, I would continue with two 0.5 liter bottles in the pockets. Hiking shoes are an interesting chapter. Before I started the walk I got the advice to buy hiking boots with ankle support. I has never gone with ankle support, but used solid walking shoes of Reebok brand, who worked perfectly. My friend from Canada, Stephen which was almost preparing professional hikers, went with classic hiking boots. He had problems with blisters and sores on his feet. Then I did not really know why. Now I read that the U.S. experimented with walking shoes. Here they say that it costs five times as much energy to move a weight with your feet instead of the backpack. Now I understand Stephen's problems and is now looking for a lighter shoe for the next hike. Haglof has a walkingshoe that weighs 540 g. I also think it is possible to backpack around 500 grams and 200 grams lighter shoes. Here is a schedule of how I packed the backpack for the walk.

Here you.ll find a table with weight in grams, what I put in backpack and what I was carrying on my body.
Organisation of backpack.
  Sep. marked      weight
  duffel bag      

Haglofs Matrix 60.

Pocket on top First aid Pincett, scissor, plaster, desinfekt, medication against diarréa.               290
  Other Charger for camera & mobil, compass,head torch , pocket knife, guide *, gloves   620
Center pocket Rain** Rain jacket with ventilation.   990
    Rain trousers  
    Shelter for backpack  
  Sandals     570
  Laundry Floating detergent. "Y3", safetypinsr, wire + eventually. dirty clothes.   240
  Fleece sweater     340
  Bath slippers     220
  Toilet bag Duschtvål/schampo, rakhyvel, rakgel, kam, nagelsax, tandborst, tandkräm, sololja, handduk.   680
  T-shirts T-shirts, syntethic. 2 pieces 400
    Briefs, syntethic. 2 pieces  
  Socks Seger Sence Trekking. 3 pair 250
  Trousers   long / short 400
Bottom pocket Flight bag     480
  Sleeping bag     790
  Drape bag     140
Outside Water   2 x 0.5 l 1050
On the body
Camera,    170
mobile   150
Shoes   760
Windjacket   320
Cap   80
T-shirt   120
Pants   70
Socks   80
Shorts   300
Total                                                                                   9310 Total              2050
   * Guide: "Camino de Santiago", Rother Walking Guide, is the best one I've seen til now.
   ** If no risk for rain then I place the rainjacket in the bottom pocket.