Monday 12 may. Virgin del Camino – Hospital de Orbigo – Santibáñez de Valdeiglesias.

30 km, total 505,5 km. Easy walking.
I ate a donut and took a cup of coffee in the machine as breakfast. Steve warmed a bit paella from yesterday in the micro oven. We started early today, 6:40. In Valverde de la Virgin was an open bar and here we drank a cup of coffee.
We came to the Bridge of the Orbigo and Hospital de Orbigo.                                       
romersk bro
A very beautiful city with a historic bridge. We had lunch there.
santibanes de valdeiglesias
We went to the Santibáñez Valdeiglesias. The hostel is quite simple and the only bar in town is mostly closed. A bed at the Inn cost € 6 and dinner € 7 . It was a good dinner and, as usual, with lot of red wine.

Next day we ended up in Rabanal Del Camino >>>