Saturday 10 may. Berciano – Mansilla de las Mulas – Puente Villarente.

33 km, total 454,5 km. Easy walking.
After breakfast, around 7:40, Steve and I left Bercianos. We planned to go to MansIlla de las Mulas, the distance is about 27 kilometers. It rained all day.
elvis presley
In El Burgo Raneros we stopped for a cup of coffee to the strains of Elvis Presley. There was a good atmosphere at the bar.
When we arrived there, we discussed whether to proceed to the Villamoros's inn about 4 km further on. We decided to continue.
Just before Villamoros a Man stopped in a car and we got a bit of a flyer for an Inn in Puente Villarente. We continued 2 km.                                       
The shelter in Puente Villarente was pretty modern, private, it was also possible to eat dinner and breakfast here.
Today I have been on "el camino" in two weeks. I have not been shaving my self for a week, so I'm pretty bearded now.

On Sunday we started our walk by 07:20 and ended up in a party at Virgin del Camino >>>